I'm not dead,I swear!

First of all I know I haven't written anything here since June(to me it's a long time lol). But I'll tell you why; my mom bought me a new phone, well Samsung Galaxy s3 to be exact, and while it will connect to a normal laptop it just WON'T connect to my macbook pro. I tried everything, USB cabel, Kies Air, everything and it STILL won't connect to my mac. So I have to use my mom's laptop to transfer music and shait and that's just too much hassle. I got to wait for an update from samsung where I can connect samsung and macbook.

On another note, I'm starting a new bachelor degree this fall in international marketing:3 it sounds like fun and I was thinking pairing my Japanese with something more useful. The only problem is I have to pay 52,000kr(around 6,945eur/8,527usd) for a year. Now I know it's not that much money considering how the school says you will get a job within 6 months after getting the degree, but what if I don't? What if I'm unemployed for several years? Then I have a lot to pay back,considering I will take up a loan >_< Even though I've decided, I'm thinking about going for a year and see what I feel about this course. If I don't like it then I will have to apply for something else. So I'm kind of stressed about school right now:/

Uhm...well that was just a little update about what's going on in my life. I'm also working a lot(and getting payed a lot ofc...KACHING:'D) so not much time for friends and bf:/ but I'm thinking about going to a massage parlor after this month, and getting a bit of new stuff now that I have money. And ofc the rest will be saved for my Japan trip^^

baichuu v(^3^)v



  1. If you wanna do it, I say GO FOR IT! :) I honestly doubt that you'll be unemployed for several years. You can always get another job in waiting for a better one right? :) No worries, and I think you'll do great! <3

  2. miss ya bby!!

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!