I'm semi back

First of all I want to tell you how sorry I am for not updating more often, but honestly between trying to do all my school studying and working I don't even have time to be with my bf and friends. I've mentioned before about attending a business school that I have to pay a lot for three years of education, and since I took up a loan I'm doing my hardest from the start to get good grades and passing my subjects. The hardest subject so far is economy and I feel like a stupid little kid for not understanding a shit of it so I'm studying and studying to learn...

But since it's Sunday I thought I might as well give you guys a small update(also considering I reached 130 followers but still lost some bc of my lack of update).
Starting with shoes I got from my parents while they were in Sweden:3 I haven't used them yet bc of me being afraid to ruin them xD

And I was a good girl and remembered to take some outfit pictures...

Tried out a new type of hairstyle...dunno about this one. I've never been a big fan of the bangs to one side thingie:/ but dunno,what do you guys think?

I noticed this a few days ago...I've actually never noticed it, but my bf has been poiting it out for a while. I have a really hunched back. Now I've been working out a lot during summer so I thought my posture would be better but I guess not xD My back and shoulders are really weird lol

And random shot because I sort of like my eyes here:3 *cough*

Uhm also I ordered some things from rakuten for the first time:3 I had a bit of trouble because of my broad shoulders.While my shoulders are broad and my hips are a bit bigger than normal japanese girls' one, my chest and waist aren't that big and that gave me some issues with their clothing sizes! But I managed to find some things that might be okey looking on me:)

Tank top - In blue

Top - Pink

Dress - Beige

Autumn/Winter coat - Grey

Skirt - Navy blue

Knit sweater - Beige

Cardigan - Grey

Until next time!



  1. love the things you bought! *_* I want them too!

  2. Thank you >_< they're going to cost me a looooot for shipping and customs though so I hope they're worth it! But I believe you can buy them,not QUIET sure if they still have smaller sizes left but you can see^^

  3. Love your outfits! Whish I had a lot cute clothes as well:(

  4. Maria: thank sweetie but honestly I needed new clothes because I feel like I wear the same stuff over and over again.nothing new >_< and it was good that rakuten opened their shops to the rest of the world:3 Finally I have a chance to buy cute clothes^^

    Aww but it1s not that expensive. It's like 100kr or 220kr at the most:)

  5. I love the shoes you got. They are suuuper nice and i like that they are not round in the front but a bit pointy. And i keep loving your outfits. They are so casual yet super cute <3
    I think strait bangs are cuter than sidesweep ones. But i look like a baby with straight so i always do sidesweep >__<

  6. Maria May: I love them too:3 my parents really knew what to get me:) awww thank you,I always thought my outfits were boring compared to other people! yeah straight bangs are nice if you have the face shape for it which I unfortunately don't so I think we're kind of in the same boat xD

  7. so many pretty outfits *_*
    I love all of them <333

  8. That's some really cute outfits :3