the biggest spam alive

Reason why I will be spamming this entry with shitloads of pictures is because my stupid ass cellphone-cable decided "I'm gonna stop transferring your pictures to computer because I'm just that fucking shitty". Thank you. So I tried and tried and nothing worked until one time it finally could transfer pictures again then it stopped again, so I only got like some outfit pictures. Now I started using my digital camera again(which sucks but not as much as my crappy cellphone).

Outfit for a birthday party:

and make-up:

Tried a different hairstyle. I never looked good with a bun but actually lately it's been looking pretty okey:) Been really inspired by popteen to do different hairstyles!

Oh and did I mention I colored my hair?:'D It's brown now. It was soooooo dark at the beginning but the color faded out once I washed my hair several times. Now it's like,light brown/reddish color? it's not as ugly as it sounds xD

Also tried out a bit heavier make-up,this was just a test so no fake lashes or anything.

Or the more natural look? I always loved Kumiko's bangs(the only thing I like about her btw). So I tried to curl them like hers. What do you think?

New stuff I bought and got for christmas(and non-christmas things).

And nails. I made it to look like the white purple(tips) is fading into a white color.

This was a x-mas gift from my bf:3 isn't it so cute? and it's so fluffy. I feel kind of guilty because I opened the gift a day before christmas doh. I also got another present but I won't tell you what it is because it's personal(yet so sweet)*heart*
I hope you all have an amazing christmas and get what you wanted. Enjoy it with your loved ones,eat a lot of food(but not too much so it doesn't stick to the ass;D),play in the snow, and have lots of fun for the holidays~



  1. HOTT STUFFFFFFFFFFFFFF yo face and yo stuff XD <33

  2. You look so nice! It's good to see that you're posting pictures again :)

  3. Frida: lol tusen takk hottie xD<3

    Ingvild: yeah mobilen min er litt stygg i hodet >> tenker å skaffe meg en iphone!

  4. Yay~ glad to see your post. :D You're always really stylish.

    I also really like the natural look and you~ the way you styled the bangs went really well with it! :)

  5. thank you. You are too sweet >//<

    I tried to see how I'd look with those kind of bangs. the only problem is they go on the side I don't like. Like they "swing" towards the left side while I want them to go to the right xD