Yumetenbo haul

Here I am again:)

Just wanted to share my yumetenbo/dreamV haul and other stuff!

These two bracelets are from two really good friends of mine, and I will cherish them both so much. I think they are really pretty and I love how both of them considered what colors I like:3 Too bad one of them is going back home to Japan, but I told her we're going to visit her as soon as possible:)

Okey so did I tell you guys I've been waaaaay into wine red color ever since beginning of spring, but unfortunately there wasn't alot of clothing selling in stores in this color. But once I heard this color would be a hit during this A/W I was so so happy:3 I finally found a new coat which I absolutely LOVE!!

Also a sweater in the same color^^

The details, it's a skull head on the back:

The dress is actually way too big, considering I'm a european size M and this dress is like 3L in japanese measurements xD I should've gone for an L or LL but the sizing on DreamV is ridicilous...

The details on the jacket:

This is how it looks worn:

Beret with pearls sown on:

 Outfit(with my new sweater and beret):

 And and and...tried my new half wig on:3 

The color is far off from my real hair color but I think I will dye my hair to light brown.
I need a change!

This is how it currently looks like:
(omg I can't believe I go out with my hair looking like that -__-'')

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'm sorry if I'm not updating often than once every 2 months,but I have been really shitty lately and situation in my personal life is just a bit chaotic for the moment. I need to relax and organize things before I fall into a deep hole again. Hope you guys aren't too dissapointed of me not blogging more often than this. 

To my followers I want to say thank you for sticking with me even though I am a bad bad blogger *heart*



  1. love your haul and your outfits *_*

  2. ikke sant:3? hihi elsker den<3

  3. Lovely haul, and your outfit is so cute :D

  4. ooh the clothes look so cool ^.^ the bow cardigan is just too cute!
    also the bracelets you got from your friends :3


  5. Churi Chan: thank you very much^^

    CookieCat: I love the bracelets:3 but that cardigan is a bit too long,I hate long cardigans like that:((

  6. I just looove that grey jacket that you got with the fur, it looks so sweet yet comfy! *_* Wanna have something like that too, so cool! <3

  7. Sam Murakami: thank you^^ it's a tad big but you can't really see it. Though the fabric is weird, I hope it's warm because the winters in Norway can be really cold:/

  8. aww cute stuff!
    i need to get ready for the fall and winter too

  9. Jojo: thank you so much:3!!!

    Lisha: hehe yeah but the winter here comes earlier than maybe where you live so:/ and thank you^^