new layout+english

I decided to blog in english from now on. Reason being; I wanted to keep blogging in norwegian but when I looked at my followers,most of them seem to be international.
I do apologize for the mistakes I will be making in english, but hey as long as you understand me right?

(lol if people are wondering why I keep using this pic all over the place, it's because I like the make-up here xD)

I made a new layout,FINALLY! I've been so lazy with making a new one. And I started making a new banner and the whole thing got lost when I,stupid stupid stupid,decided not to save. My PS got ass-fucked and erased everything, shutting itself down. So I just made a simple banner because I didn't have the patience to start all over again.

Turning 20 this Saturday, not really fun. I want to stay 19 forever. I mean this is the best year, I'm still a teenager but at the same time I'm more adult...ish? Well you get the picture.

Seriously considering going to Tsukicon in Helsinki to see Aina and Yumachi. Damn but money issue is such a bitch. I need a job.

New hair:

(I'm gonna dye it again quite soon, even though I like this haircolor I want to change it again)

on to the make-up and outfits for the past few weeks. Not many since I was sort of lazy with taking pictures.






  1. I really like your coordinate especially your pink shirt and your cross necklace <3
    I have the same skull top :D
    Oh and happy birthday in advance x)

  2. I'll be looking forward to reading your posts bby for my dumb english ass XD

    I love your haircolor now what are you planning to do differently?

    glamorous eyes *.*

  3. Yay for posting in English~ I can understand now XD Thank you <3

    I agree you eye makeup in the first picture is really lovely. Also, I really love your hair color, wish I could get mine that color. :(

  4. Awweh, you look amazing as always Anja-chan <3 and I like your new layout. I hope everything is okay and you're well! <3 And good luck on your birthday, I wish I could be there with you guys and celebrate!

    Good luck on Japan-Day on Saturday!

  5. Chiara: thank you^^ Got to say I love my cross necklace, a bit expensive but I didn't mind since I know I will be wearing it often.

    Lana: thaaaanks sweetie! Hm not sure yet but I definitely want to change my color again:)

    Dolly: haha yeah I thought I would be easier to read for my international followers:P

    Thank you:3 awww well if it helps I didn't dye it myself, went to a hairsalon. I tend to save around 200 dollars so I can get my hair done every third month~

    Kake: taaaakk<3 savner deg ass;/

    Frida: faaavb you too bb;D

  6. Jøss, det er DEG jo!
    Fant deg på en tillfeldig blogg som jeg stalker av og til ^-^''
    Men vet ikke om du husker random jente du møtte på i Bergen med Wirat? var i allefall meg! haha *stalke stalke*

    Men joeh, anyways.. Loove your outfits! Og makeupen var nydelig, spessielt vippene^^

  7. ELSKER alle coordsa, sminken (serr omg), håret...ALT. Du er så pen! Og flink! Ny banner også, ser jeg. I LIKE IT.

  8. karriih: takker:) husker deg,hvis det var den gangen Wirat skulle følge dere til toget/bussen?

    Ida: tuuuuusen takk gorgeous<3