Kanebo KATE eyebrow powder palette & eyebrow gel mascara review

Hello lovelies! 
I wanted to say I'm sorry for not updating for a while but I have a few reviews coming up so I have something to write about. I also promised myself to blog AT LEAST one day every week, this is more because I want to be a better blogger and I have some surprises coming up as well so please stay tuned^^

But for now I want to show you my review of Kanebo Kate eyebrow palette and eyebrow gel mascara:)

Kanebo KATE Eyebrow Powder Palette

I have been using H&M eyebrow kit for a long time but I thought it was about time I changed out my make-up. I was browsing through an issue of Popteen and saw there was a survey of which products are the most popular ones amongst the Popteen gals, so I went after those that were on top:)

Here are the palettes:

On the left is my H&M eyebrow pencil and H&M eyebrow palette and on the right Kate eyebrow palette and eyebrow gel. There's not much difference between the size of my H&M eyebrow palette and the Kate one.

It's almost as big as my palm, which is a pretty okey size.

Unlike the H&M one, Kate's has a small mirror inside the palette which I think is great considering I don't always remember to bring my mirror with me when I'm out. But I always remember the eyebrow kit:) Also it has three shades instead of only two, which I think is okey if my hair ever goes blonde again:P

The brushes are quite different. While the H&M one has only one side and is pretty big and thick, I can say I am IN LOVE with the Kate brush. It has a small side which is great for the outer corners and a bigger brush for shading(though I don't shade).

 The brush has a smaller side and a bigger one(for shading).
the palette has 3 colors instead of 2.
There's a mirror inside the palette.

Since I only use one color(the middle one) I have no need for the two others.
Compared to H&M palette, KATE one has smaller squares with powder.
Alos this isn't really she palette's fault but I still have to use eyebrow pencil because of my deformed eyebrows. -__-

Kate Eyebrow Gel Mascara

This is the gel brush. It's a bit smaller than a normal mascara brush but I think it is very good for the eyebrows.

Makes my eyebrows less dark(mine are pitch black).
gives a nice golden shade.
Easy and fast to apply.

The mascara isn't too big so you probably will have to buy a new one after a short while.

And here's my eyebrow with the Kate's eyebrow palette and eyebrow gel!

Hope this review will help you girls that are looking for a good eyebrow kit!
Thank you for reading:)



  1. This is very helpful :D
    After seeing this I really want to try out the Kate eyebrow palette and gel! They look really good on you and I love the brush/3colors
    Thanks for the great review ^_^

    1. Aww thank you:3 I think they are really good, though I don't recommend it if you have really dark hair because your eyebrows will be lighter. I have somewhat dark hair,but it's not too dark that the eyebrows look way too light compared to my hair color.

  2. Oh, not bad. Eyebrows, why are they such a hard thing to get right? x)

    1. haha well if you pluck them right they will turn out good. the only problem for me is that because of when I used to have thinner eyebrows I plucked them thinner and now that I like thicker eyebrows, hair on the places I used to pluck before have stopped to grow...>_>

  3. aah, har også den KATE paletten, kjøpte den i tokyo i mars '12! Seriøst elsker den men ja, det er litt kjipt at det er tre små siden jeg heller ikke bruker den mørkeste. Ellers så er jeg bare in love <3

    1. Ja men jeg forstår at det er tre farger der ettersom de er også til contouring men da synes jeg de burde heller hatt individuelle paletter for hver farge.

  4. Hi there~ I tagged you an award! I really adore your cute and casual style! ^^


    1. thank you! really warms my heart to hear you say that:3

      and also that's so sweet of you >///< thank you so much<3

  5. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (: