christmas outfit

So today is the first day of christmas(to me at least). I wanted to dress up prettier than usual but I felt so god damn ugly that I almost gave up. I seriously am in crisis of new clothes.
Anyways I changed the outfit three times before actually deciding to keep the last one.

I tried doing red-lips trend that's been going for a while. Though my lips are really small compared to the japanese girls. So what I did was add a small amount of the red lipstick so it looks red-pink-ish insted of fire-red(lol fire red?). I think it works with my skin color (which is fucking paper white these days because of lack of iron in the blood and the winter *grr*).


Here I tried a bit of onee/glam/mode look. I don't know.
It looks a bit too grown up on me but I like feeling sexy sometimes as well, without being too flashy with my body:)

Guess that's all. My bf is coming home next week, can't wait to see him again. We're gonna spend new years together^O^



  1. I like all those outfits!
    And, you're pretty, and i think every clothes suit on you ^^ <3

  2. Oooh~ love the 2nd outfit, very glam indeed! Glad you get to spend new years with your bf~ happy holidays! :D

  3. thank you so much you guys *blush*

    Dolly: Yeah I'm so happy because it's the first time I'm spending new years eve with my bf^^ (though he's my first bf ever lol?)

  4. Jeg likte å følge hele innlegget, jeg har alltid tenkt en av de viktigste tingene å telle når du skriver en blogg er å lære hvordan å utfylle ideer med bilder, som utnytter på det maksimale mulighetene for en CIBER-plass! Godt arbeid på denne oppføringen!