YAY, I finally found a program that I installed on my macbook that allows me to transfer files from macbook to galaxy s3 and vice versa^^

I won't write so much(except for the review) so mostly pictures of outfits and new things:3

New things from ebay. LOL I've become an ebay addict:(( 

Essence face masks from South Korea.
I bought Green Tea, Albutin, Red Ginseng(smells really bad btw) and Pearl(from left to right).
They are awesome,especially Green Tea and Pearl. Red Ginseng I don't use anymore because I can't stand the smell D:

Goggles and Canmake Melty Nude lipstick^^

I got the one in baby pink because I heard so many good things about it:)

Not the best picture but you can see how it looks on the lips!

And now to the small review for Dr.Scholl Medi QttO Overnight Spat Socks.
Originally they are cut on the thigh so they look like over knee socks but since I wanted something for my bum as well I bought the full tights:)
I got them on ebay but I promise they are the original ones from Japan. Mine cost 49,95$ which is quiet a lot for a pair of tights but I thought I should try them out.

On the site it said "Totally super hit!! Japan No.1 seller! It sold for 10000 pairs everyday in local Japan! A specially design panty tight sock for use overnight, it helps you make your foot slim effortlessly, during sleep! Especially for those with long-time office work or standing, and those without adequate sport practice for keeping their feets fit."
And as I work at a shoe shop I tend to stand alot,especially during summer time where I work longer hours.

The packaging:

And worn:
Honestly it was a pain in the ass to sleep the first night with them on. But second day I got a bit used to it. After several nights it wasn't so uncomfortable as it was the first night:)

First day when I got home from work I measured my longest part of the leg and thigh. Then I put the thights on and slept. Morning after I measured myself again and I went down a cm on both thigh and leg!

 But I wasn't all that thrilled considering the review and how people said it's awesome. But then I did the same again the second night and morning and I was really happy with the result:)

This is after the third day. Yeah my legs aren't that pretty but who cares,this is a review xD
Anyways, after using them for three nights straight my thighs and legs went down a few cm!

Thigh: from 48cm to 46cm
Leg: from 38cm to 36cm.
To me this was incredible without any exercise I went down a couple cm...well I did work out those days but still lol

I can say I'm very pleased with the tights and definitely recommend them to anyone that has a problem with their legs blowing up a bit during the night because of the bad circulation:)

hope you liked my very small review:)
Btw if you guys want me to blog about something more specific or want more reviews, please comment so I know for the next time!
bye bye~



  1. Cute as always! :) And I love your lipstick it's got a great color~ And those socks... they look super interesting, do they come in.. like.. for thighs only? xD

  2. Awww thank you Kake<3 Oh the lipstick is my fav right now:DD

    no but they come as over-knee socks too. I just ordered the full length tights because of my bum xD

  3. Nice blog babe.
    Check out this lovely giveaway on my blog!

  4. You have so many ute outfits! And I would kill to have your legs and body!! I want to try those full thights as well! :D <3

  5. I love your outfits! I bought these stockings too, but I didn't feel like they helped that much :(

  6. Maria: oh honey I am just good at covering myself where I should xD I have a lot of baby fat left on my body >_< but thank you for your very generous compliments:3 <3

    Churi: Oh really?:O I think they made me look way slimmer than I am:) I even lost a few cm around my thighs and calfs...maybe you're thin enough for it to work?

  7. I love your sense of style! :)

    I've just started blogging, it would be really nice if you wanted to check it out :)
    I'm already following you, but maybe you could follow me too? x