You are my cherry blossom

I always feel cozy inside when cherry blossoms start to bloom in spring and summer. It gives me hope for another day and another thing to look forward to!
Btw it's not a cherry tree on the pic if you're wondering but it has cherry blossom-like look.

Now enough about the nature-me. I want to show you my new shoes. 
I LOVE them so so much<3
Been waiting ever since March to get them in our store and finally I have them:3

Also ordered new lenses from

I'm always surprised when I get a package from shoppingholics, they hand out such cute gifts!

And the lenses:
I just want to say I absolutely am in love with these lenses. Comfortable AND somewhat natural looking. And not to mention they aren't too big and alien-like lol.
 Btw my make-up has been more or less like this. Using my brown eyeliner every day,quick and while it shapes the eye it's not as out there as black eyeliner, which is why I love it:)

Ordered a cute hello kitty lens-case from ebay^.^

Now some(rather boring) outfits. Unfortunately having summer here doesn't mean I have the extra energy to dress up really nice. But I guess they are more versatile than most of my outfit pics from last month.

Hehe bet you didn't see that last pic coming did you?
It's for my cosplay which will take place in two weeks!

Until next time:3




  1. I love those shoes, they look so comfy! Are they leather?

  2. thank you^^ Yeah they are leather but suede:)

  3. lovely outfits, really *_* and a cute smile!

  4. That' is so cute, I love your outfits. And the shoes are really really nice :3.. And don't even get me started on your costume! <3 You'll be perfect! :D

    And I like the stuff you bought :D <3

  5. Jenny: >///< aye thank you! First time I get a compliment for my smile:3

    Kake: thanks sweetie<3 Hehe I hope I will do good on the costume part and the character. Hope to finish my katana and wakizashi next week.Haven't started yet...

  6. Those shoes are to die for! Definitely worth the wait (*≧▽≦)

    I love your coords <3 You're really really tall and skinny *jelly*

  7. Panda-agenda: Thank you.I'm in love with them but they hurt the first time I wore them.But it's normal considering they are new shoes xD

    I wish I was shorter:(( People say 167cm isn't THAT tall but when I wear heels I feel like a godzilla >_<''

  8. lol I did a double take at the cosplay picture xD
    Those lenses look so natural and pretty :D

  9. lol xD Yeah those lenses are my new favs! Not only comfy but natural looking with a small twist of cool ehehe

  10. I love the shoes and the lenses look really cute on you ^.^ I´d like to have natural lenses too :D
    very cute blog! I´m following you now :D

  11. Thank you^__^ for both the nice comment and following me:)

  12. OMG, I LOVE your new ribboned shoes, they're so cute <333

  13. thank you very much^^ I love them too but sometimes when my feet swell up for working in a shoe store they hurt >_<

  14. Great shoes! I'm your new follower :)