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This must be my fastest update yet.
Yesterday I felt sort of shitty so I ended up doing gyaru make-up again. And I finally tried out my new Dolly Wink lashes. I love them. Honestly I was never a fan of harsh make-up on a daily basis so to me my Diamond lashes were too out there, but the Dolly Wink ones are perfect. I dunno, it made me feel nostalgic about gyaru and everything I loved about it. Although I take inspo now from gyaru I remember when I was all gyaru-fied back in the days. I want go back but at the same time I remember how it was stressfull as well not having the it-items that season. And especially not having the courage nor money to buy from Japan because those EGG girls always had the coolest stuff, and I wanted to have that as well. Besides I was constantly broke. I really save a lot of money not buying all the items the magazines say I "need" to have.

I'll talk more about it further down in the entry but first an outfit and hair pic from day before yesterday:)

Now onto the make-up and outfit. Prepare yourself because I really liked the weather yesterday and the lights made my make-up look even better so there will be a tad of camwhoring:P

The make-up was okey. Nothing special imo. But that's what I wanted. I added purple eyeshadow so it didn't look TOO boring. But all in all it was just plain.
I'm SO not used to wearing lower lashes but got to say, I love not having to stress with mascara xD And this only took me like 30minutes. I seriously though I've lost my touch after qutting gyaru but apparently not.

Told you about the camwhoring:P

As for the outfit. I really REALLY love d.i.a clothes and the style. Especially Yun's. She's my biggest inspo atm even though I don't dress the way. But I'm on the hunt of clothes that are something d.i.a look-a-like.

I found that belt at H&M. I thought it was something d.i.a might have(though it misses some chains and stuff to make it complete) so I bought it. Thought it was a bit tacky but then again, d.i.a is a bit tacky too lol that's why I love it. My man on the other hand isn't fully in love with that kind of style, you know he prefers girls wearing minimalistic...but I'm not like that so yeah:/ I mean I wear girly stuff as well but sometimes I feel like dressing crazy and sexy instead of cute.

I hope I find more stuff I can work into my outfits that are sort of d.i.a inspired. I'll definitely look out for details:)




  1. Savner gyaru av og til jeg også, men mest sminken, og det kan jeg jo gjøre uten å være ordentlig gyaru da. Trenger jo ikke å være 100% gyaru, kan jo bare ta det man liker liksom :D

    Elsker dine outfits, OG JA DIA ER SÅ AWESOME, jeg vil ha aaalt hahaha

  2. True. Jeg er nok ikke 100% gyaru uansett men jeg tar veldig mye inspo fra det:)

    Taaaaak:3 ja det er sykt harry men så sykt kult også xD

  3. I must say you look great!
    I love the outfit you are wearing!

  4. I actually thought the same, which is why I got Dolly Wink. They're really good if you don't want to wear super heavy make up. I just like light eyeliner and eyeshadow + dolly wink and BOOM. It's perfect and not too crazy.

  5. Sakuragal: Thank you so much^//^ and thank you for being such a cutie and following my blog. lots of love<3

    chaya bunny: I know. But they were waaaay too long for me so I had to cut them xD I kind of understand the thing with japanese gals wanting to have longer eyes but they so don't work with my small eyes.

  6. Aweh, you're just drop dead gorgeous love~ I love your makeup and your oiutfits. I've told you a thousand times before, but I love your style! ♥

  7. you are beautiful!

    i am a new follower!

  8. uhm...thank you >//>

    and thank you for following my blog:)

  9. Hi! Nice to meet you! ^___^ ♥

    You've a nice blog, so, I follow you, ok? ~

    I really love d.i.a. style too. It's so wild and sexy! *___*

  10. The belt looks kinda special for a H&M piece *congratulation to your rare find* ^_^
    I really like the cross earrings, but aren´t they a bit heavy? Or is it a nice light weight material?

    ♪ Vernissage and Cream ♫

  11. Kasui: Hi nice to meet you too^^thank you for following my blog:)
    I know. d.i.a is so perfect<3

    Jasmin:thank you! I'm so happy I have the belt.
    No actually they are quiet light:)