I was suppose to post this on sunday already but waited since I was lazy to update. SORRAY! I won't write so much but show some of my outfits and halloween stuff.

I've been crazy over over knee socks lately. Seriously like everyday. It's great the weather isn't that cold but not too warm which means it's perfect for these kind of socks:)

See something red there? It's a necklace alright! I got this for my birthday. Weekend before last one. I had a blast. First I was taken to a vietnamese restaurant by my man. Btw the food there is AH-MAY-ZING! Then he gave me this cute little box and when I opened it there was this necklace:
He told me it symbolizes our love. And he's right. Not only was it not over-the-top but it was red which I'm into again:)

I often pair it up with this coat. WHICH btw I fixed the buttons and changed them from black to gold:3 Got lots of compliments for it. And a random lady(around 30y) even asked me where I've gotten it xD

Also got me some new sheets!! I finally found the perfect Hello Kitty sheets and also bought the HK pillow and the pink blanket^^

As for halloween. Most people celebrated halloween on the 29th of October which was a saturday. I first went to Oda, Christine and Emile for their halloween party. And there I met Frida, Maria and Erlend again. I had super fun with them but had to go early for another party >_< I promised one of my good friends I would go to her party but I wanted to see those crazyweirdawesome people at the other party first!

Now onto my costume. Guess what I was?:D

Hehe yeah I was a sailor puppet xD The only thing I forgot to make was the strings on the hand and legs and that wood x or cross,whatever it is, to attach the strings to. But oh well.
Hopefully I can post my whole outfit once the pictures are up on fb.
Hope you guys had a nice halloween celebration.




  1. Digger sminka! SKulle ønske jeg var litt mer kreativ på halloween

  2. Eva; ikke sant?:)

    Sakuragal: Thank you so much. Hehe yes happy halloween^^

    Ingvild: Takk. Hehe ney altså jeg var litt for plain i fjor så tenkte å dra det litt mer ut i år. Skulle ha krøller i tillegg men hadde ikke tid til det:( Men jeg syntes kostymet og alt var kjempefint på deg jo!