that time has passed. so now what?

It's time for a change.
My self image is so down right now that I need to do some drastic change. I want to get a tattoo or another piercing.

I know this is weird but I want to show MYSELF first and foremost that I've become tougher.
I don't want to be that sensitive shy girl I was before, because honestly that hasn't gotten me anywhere.
And after the break-up with my bf 3 weeks ago,I'm really hating on every guy out there(well almost). I want to be single and happy with it. But I need something to get my confidence boost up again. I want to do gyaru again and be a carefree girl.

I dunno.

I want a big drastic CHANGE!



  1. U go girl!
    Det blir lettere etterhvert! Er veldig typisk svar, men det er en grunn til at det er typisk; for det er sant :)
    Det er så lett at "du" forsvinner når man er i et forhold.. Merket det selv da jeg var sammen med Martin.. Nå -litt over en måned siden vi slo opp- føler jeg meg friere til å gjøre forskjellige ting, og det er også lettere for meg.

    Vi må ta en kaffe en dag, siden jeg nå er kommet til norges bløteste by! ♥

  2. a tattoo would be awesome! I really want to get some tattoos as well, just kinda pricey~ But go for it. Just make sure you wont regret the design of course :)

  3. Christine: Føler meg faktisk kjempebra^^ veldig fri til å gjøre hva jeg vil nå. Og helt ærlig nå vil jeg være ego og bruke tid på MEG.

    Shawna: yeah I think so too. I think I will regret getting the tattoo now so I will wait a bit. And btw sorry for not answering on the previous entry but I want to say thank you for actually reading that and replying. Also it's nice to get advice from people:)

  4. Whenever I feel bad I just try to find something simple to change that will give me confidence. Sometimes a piercing, or a new piece of clothing. I don't know. It's hard sometimes, I think. If you are thinking tattoo, what I do is think about those things that are most important in my life, symbol or tangible thing, and think of a symbol that represents it. Then I think about it for many months. If it still appeals later when I feel different, I know it's right for me. :) That is what I thought about my tattoo I am getting soon of the alpha and omega.

    I have read your blog for some time, I think you will get stronger, just love yourself and know that things always change.. I was in a huge hole for a LONG time, felt like years, but things are looking up now. Just stay positive, as silly and over-said as it sounds. :)