Yesstyle haul

And I'm back again.
Still won't blog for a while. Not only because this is my dead time,meaning I have absolutely NOTHING fun to blog about. But also because I've started to study for my exams coming in May. So I'll probably be offline on this blog until after. Dunno,we'll see.

But now,enough rant. I'll show you the stuff I got from yesstyle and some few(boring) outfits I snapped.

I'm pretty happy with the looks and quality(not the best but OK) of the shorts and the skirt. Wait what? a skirt? yeah apparently the red supposedly "shorts/culottes" is a skirt? Uhm excuse me yesstyle but did you NOT write that it was a culotte? And it was under "shorts" on the search engine...?
From what I know,culottes are shorts made into looking like a skirt. When I opened the package with the red "shorts"(which was the thing I most looked forward to because of the color and the fabric) I was really disappointed that it was a skirt. But oh well. I can make it work to my advantage.

As for the jumpsuits. Seriously they are shitty quality,not that I expected them to be good because of the price,but still. The fabric...OH lord the fabric. it's like they took the cheapest crap they could find and sewed it into jumpsuits. Which they probably did. Not to mention the hems, looked like something a 10 year old did, which is most likely true as well. They were also a bit small for me around thigh area. I might be a fuller type but come on I'm not THAT fat either to not fit into their sizes. They were suppose to fit, and even be a bit loose, when I measured myself and looked at the clothes' measurements.

And for the shorts I bought to have under skirts(look my 2nd previous post). I don't dare to even post pics of them on myself. They looked like I bought something for a 5 year old xD Yeah they were stretchy but DEAR GOD it was the nastiest thing when I put them on. Not only were they too tight(I looked like a freaking stuffed sausage) but they were also really REALLY seethrough. oh and btw the jumpsuits are kinda seethrough too.

As for my shoes
I should've bought a size bigger since they fit exactly but I can expand them a little.

Overall I give yesstyle(well actually Tokyo Fashion) a 6/10 because I was mostly happy with my stuff. If I'm gonna buy from them again? probably but I will definitely be a bit more sceptic about the sizes and fabric. Alos I won't mind paying a little bit of extra to get good quality clothes.

Now other non-yesstyle clothes.


Well that's it I guess. Sorry about the big rant of yesstyle but I think it can be useful to some of you if you're thinking about buying from them in the near future:=)
Now I'm off to study a bit more.




  1. åååh elsker den rosa playsuiten!!

  2. takk men den rosa playsuiten er tvert imot løs rundt lårene >_>

  3. Jeg har den "Athletics Leauge" genseren fra Cubus også. Den er digg!! Har den i hvit og blå lol.

  4. ingvild: Absolutt digg. Jeg har både den blå og hvite selv xD haha hadde lyst på den med amerikansk flagg i tillegg men hadde ikke min str ><

  5. The clothes are soo cute ^.^love them :)
    I like how you combined them too ;)

  6. nice design but bleh for the quality!