Feels like christmas

Writing from my new Macbook Pro which I got from my family for birthday:)
Sorry I didn't update sooner but I didn't have time because I either doing school work, working, trying to find perfect birthday- and christmas presents or just hanging with my friends. Also I haven't been really inspired to dress up. But when I did dress up(and remembered to snap a pic of it) I took pictures:)

It was surprisingly warm that day I didn't have to wear wool much clothes (sounds so weird -_-')

That's a new shirt I bought. It was so cute and cheap as well. I was really surprised. Love finding cute things for cheap cash:3

Everything is new here. Both the sweater and the skirt. Gives me a xmas-feeling imo. But I will do something to that sweater. It needs cuteness! Btw I’m really happy I fit into a size 36 at H&M….I lost some weight which is good:D

I didn't feel like wearing the new sweater just yet so I changed a bit...

Then a chillax outfit.

My new f-ing cool ring I got from my mum.

ALSO cut my bangs again. It was starting to get long...

Other than that boring life is seriously boring. I need to get my lazy ass, unlazy and have time to dress up(while remembering to snap pictures for you guys!).




  1. super cute coords love!!

    My favorite has to be chillax look, you look really cool! D:

    and I like the ring XDD

  2. You always look so great. I love your chillout outfit, looks really comfy~ <3

  3. love that outfit in your first pic! (is it a coat??) also, your last outfit rocks, too! :D you are crazy pretty!! it's so cool that you have such fair skin - i'm totally jealous.

  4. sgrmse.: It's a coat yes:) awww thank you but honestly I have zits on my forehead because of my bangs >_< other than that I also use make-up which helps a lot!