new layout+recent gets

As you can see I changed my layout. I made it more simple and clean. For my banner I used a picture of Ogihara Momoko. I especially liked everything on her on this picture so I felt the need to use it.

Anyways I'm sorry for not updating in a while and often but my life has been a chaos lately so I've been really stressed and demotivated to write on my blog. But I promise once my life gets back on feet again I WILL update it more often.
Also I've been thinking on having a small giveway when,or rather IF xD, my blog reaches 100 followers^^

But let's not talk about boring stuff like my life issues and I'll provide you with outfits and some of the things I got lately:)

Been REALLY into crosses again lately. Last time I was into crosses was in my visual kei period. I bought some cool cross earrings but I forgot to take pictures. Will show it another time:D

I had some ask blonde extensions that I wanted to match with my hair so I went to my trustworthy hairdresser and asked her to give me stripes. She always does an amazing job with my hair and I'm always satisfied!

Got these flowers from my mom. The scented candle light ,I bought myself and it smells so good!

Been drooling over these wedges for a while. Honestly they're nothing special but for some reason I need them in my life!

I have a review on some products and circle lenses coming up and also halloween stuff so be prepared lol




  1. you look so great and I love your hair and your outfits!
    I saw similiar wedges and I kinda love them too, lol!
    looking forward to halloween stuff

  2. Du kler deg alltid så bra ^^ Fina!

  3. sakuraga-ru: Ah thank you so much^^

    Christine: jeg gjør faktisk ikke det men takk for at du er så søt xD<3