summer has ended

Well I thought I should update with some pictures rather than rant:P

I've been having lots of fun lately,and when not having fun either studying *cough*whilesingingtoGackt*cough*,going to work, working out, taking some me-time or just being lazy!
Today I was in my bed until 3p.m. and just stretching my body out(since it hurts so badly) and being a lazy(sick)ass. Honestly it felt nice.
Time has passed where I was in full tears and sorrow but now...I feel great:D


Anyways some camwhore pictures >__>

My mom was on vacation in my home-country and she bought me some extensions. They are sooooo soft but too light for my hair. what I do is I mix the three different colored extensions I have and it works great!

Moving on to outfit pictures.
Honestly I've been really shitty so I forget to take pictures of my outfits but I've started again. I'll make myself stick to that. Maybe it becomes a routine.

Newest to oldest:

WIth that outfit I tried out bohemian-ish hairstyle.
Saw it on Nemoyayo and thought I'd try and fell in love. Been doing it quite often during the summer:)

Lately I've been doing this kind of make-up(excuse the fugly hair)=

And now SOME of new stuff I got:=)

Well not much talking in this entry...guess I'm finally out of words. I bet you guys are happy about it:P



  1. ohmygod I just love all your outfits! you have a great sense for fashion and I love the mixed extensions! really really nice <3

  2. Woah, you always look so good love. I really like your outfits and your bohemian hairdo is wonderful. I also like your new Hello Kitty headphones. YES :D

  3. Sakura girl: Thank you:3 I think for me it works better with mixed extensions than just one color:)

    Kake: awww thanks love<3 hehe love my new HK headphones too ^O^

  4. All your outfits are really cute!!! :D, and those hello kitty headphones and slippers are adorable!! :3

  5. i really like your sports jacket!

  6. wæææ liker stilen din! de siste skoene der har jeg og lyst på! :P

  7. hehe takk:) de selges på haaland og euro sko^^