manba at desucon

So this all started with me tanning like a true sweat-chan, before or/and after work...depends on the time I had left. Because to be a true sweat-manba-chan,not only are you sweating on your ass while going tanning, you're also sweating out cash from your wallet.

See how much I had to sweat to get this tan...around 3 times for 20-30minutes.

Anyways,these are my outfits for work. Going to sweat out for cash so I can sweat out some more at the tanning booth.

My new sweating shoes. Well not literally ( ̄ー ̄)

Then comes the day when I reveal the all sweat-chan issues...

I was manba at the fashion show that made for the convention. It went quite well but I hope next year we make it even more better:)

So now I will post pics of my sweaty ass and other people's sweaty asses.

My outfit for the day!

I look pale in these pics but I SWEAR I was tan like shit...seriously!

Fast make-up was done fast. I forgot my Mac palette so had to use Ronja's H&M palette.

I used the same nails that I used last year for the show. Who gives a shit if they are used already.
I did NOT have time to make new ones.

Now with ze people...
Rakel, me and Maria

With Amanda as Yoruichi(Bleach)

Sweaty Ronja and sweaty me:D

On Saturday I went with Amanda to Neo Tokyo because I visit it only once a year to check out magazines, and seriously when I went to the mag section I saw EGG!! Like I was so happy I found the new issues.
They cost like 150kr(19euro, 27$ - I was nice and converted for you foreigners) each which is pretty expensive but I had to buy them!

Well this was like a small update since I haven't updated since june. I want to say I'm sorry for that but I have been working a lot lately and just don't have time nor am I all glam these days.
But I will try to update more often I swear!



  1. You're always so cute Anja-chaaaan. And I really really loved your manba-style on Desu-con 6! <3 You looked so awesome!

  2. Kake: tusen tusen takk<3 er så glad du mener det:3

    Oda: folk var bare så glam at jeg var så flau for å være ved siden av xD

    Ingvild: ney DU er!! believe it:D hehe

  3. oh gosh!
    Your Hair ; _ ;
    i fall in love ♥
    and...legs...ahhhrg xD so skinny and hot ><

    please take a look to my blog : D

    greetz ♥

  4. nooo not skinny at all! >__< I am seriously a fatty-chan lol but thank you none than less!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. i love your makeup ! and you're soo skinny and tanned... i wish i was too >_<

  7. thank you! noo don't, I'm far from skinny,trust me! ´w`