falling apart...still.

So I know I haven't updated in several weeks,or months? I was suppose to post an outfit post with pictures and stuff but I have been really shitty lately, and to make things worse something big happened last week.

Not sure if I have the need yet,or even, the desire to blog about it but all I need now is my friends. I need to go out and have fun instead of sitting in my room and crying like I'd probably do if it wasn't for me trying to be strong.
Honestly, I thought I have gotten over this, this pain, but turns out it's not gone,it's just hidden deep down inside. And this feeling I have, this pain in the heart, I'm only pushing it further down.

It can't be healthy for my body.

I eat once(or nothing at all) for a day, which causes me to collapse even more than before because of my anemia. I haven't eaten properly for a periode of time now and my sleeping cyclus is messed up. Getting up by my self every day at 4 or 5am...

I know I'm not the best person in the world, but I have never meant any harm to anyone and I'm trying to be kind to others. So why do things like this keep happening to me?



  1. yes having your friends around will always help, you'll have a chance to laugh and have some fun, where as if u stay at home you'll end up feeling terrible *I know all toooo well*

    plz try to cheer up!
    lets do our best!