sunny days

I hate rain.
We only had 2 and a half days of sunny days this month. Makes me want to say "f you Bergen" and move back to my home country D:

Anyways since this entry was supposed to be posted 2 times already I will make it short and finally post this :P

First of all. Outfits.

Sort of Okarie inspired outfit:

Then some kind of chillax style...with my new cowboy hat:D

Outfits for work.

This is how it looks after I raid my closet to find the perfect outfit for the day.

I tried Diamond Lash glamorous and honestly they are WAAAAY too dramatic for my taste since lately I've been really into more natural look. I'm going to keep them and wear whenever I want to go tsuyome but I probably won't buy them again any time soon.

Finally started using my Candy Pink lenses:D I LOVE THEM<3

moving on.
New stuffff!

I loooooove these shoes.
Got them at my work and god damn for being so high they are so comfy to walk in. BUT since they ARE high as f, I can't walk properly so I need some time to learn lol

got a few more new stuff but I won't make this entry longer than it should be xD




  1. DAYUM! beina dine på det første Okarie inspirerte antrekket var bare... SERIØST JEG ER JELLY

  2. Those are some really nice outfits love. You are so cute, and I really like your lenses. And did I see RED shoes? Omg ♥

  3. XL: lol de er laaaaaangt ifra fine irl xDD and don't be jelly gurl you have great legs<3

    Kake: awww thanks sweetie<3 ;__; haha YES RED SHOES!!:DDD had them for some years now but don't use them alot ><

  4. I also looved the okarie inspired outfit <3 were did you get the socks ?

  5. ah thank you^^ the socks were bought at Lindex I think it was...not quite sure though ><

  6. Hottiiiiie! Okarie-antrekket var supercute!
    Og de linsene var kjempefine på deg :)

  7. I love that handbag and those shoes!! *o*
    Both are perfect~
    And your outfits looks gorgeous <3

  8. Det andre og det Okarie-inspirerte antrekket var ♥♥♥
    De linsene var kjempepene på deg! Synes du kledde vippene ganske bra og, jeg :3

  9. Acid: tuuuusen takk for den søte kommentaren cutie<3

    Meri and Anni: thank you so much, I'm flattered >//<

    Aki: tusen takk:33 meh på bildet så de greie ut men irl var de fooooor lange, tror jeg må klippe de litt.

  10. Zomg you have some amazing outfits! <3 especially the Okarie inspired one ^^ so pretty!

  11. Awww thank you T__T that makes me really happy!