I always thought I had friends. And if you look it from one point,I do, but from another, I don't. Well maybe "friends" whom I can hang out with and have a fun time,but not someone I can go to with my problems and ask if they can help in any other way. Even though they say I can tell them everything I doubt they want to help, feels like all they want is to know my secrets.

I was having a conversation with my dad the other day about friends and who your true friends are. I told him; you don't really know who your true friends are until you are in a crisis. And I went on that I was never in that situation where I really REALLY needed a friends' help. Until lately.

I am going to a convention in Oslo, and since all the cheap hotels are booked I'm stuck with expensive ones and since I just started working again I don't have a lot of cash. Well I've been asking people around, including my so called "friends" if they have a spot for me(I would even pay) and turns out it's harder than it seems to get a place. If not I could always bunk with someone at a hotel. No can do.

See...I thought the people I called friends were going to help a friend in need(not the people I met a few times, even though I would say they are friends too just not the closest ones). I mean if one of MY friends were coming to Bergen and telling they can't find any cheap hotels, I would always have a room for them. No need to even pay. Because that's how I'm fucking raised, to be a good person and because I consider you a friend. I'm not saying you have to do me a favor if I did YOU one. No, I'm saying friends help eachother out when they are in deep shit. If you ask for something in return,ofc you can get it from me. I'm a fair and honest person. Just don't stab me in the back if I do you a favor.

Do you know who your true friends are?