This is going to be a shorter update than the rest.
First: I got a JOB! finally T_T starting next monday and I'm going t be working from 9-16. It's at a shoe store so I'm glad I got this job:)

Next: I just wanted to show pics of my hair lately and my blue lenses.

My make-up has been really REALLY minimal these past few months, mostly because of hay fever. I can't wear heavy make-up since my eyes tend to itch alot >_>

And my new lenses ofc.

Okey enough with the camwhoring...

Yesterday I was with my bf before I headed home. We went to eat breakfast and later went to mcD's to order a milkshake:3 we sat there a while since it was really windy outside.

See that watch on him, hehe I bought that for him for his birthday:3

Tomorrow is Norway's national day,17th of May. Not sure what I'm going to do in the morning but later I'm going to the amusement park with my bf and hopefully some friends. Hope it doesn't rain:((




  1. Du har så utrolig fint hår!

  2. tusen takk men jeg skulle gjerne fått det større xD