you stole my heart

This post is somewhat dedicated to my better half.
You guys have know idea how much he means to me and how surprised and grateful I am that he has stayed with a train wreck like me. And not only that but he has helped me through some really harsh times and I can't thank him enough.

And every time I snap at him because of my rollercoaster-of-emotions I feel really bad for him because I treat him like that. And even after all that he still says he loves me; it makes me want to cry.
He's my everything.

~'I love you to the moon and back'~

Now onto outfit pictures from last saturday's party:

Camwhoring at my bby's place. Lol what are you going to do when you're bored and waiting??? ofc CAMWHORE!

My brother posted this song on his it's so addicting that I can't stop listening to it,and apparently neither can my dad xD



  1. Love the red dress! And your hair was so cute!<3 Which shoes did you wear?:D

  2. I think red dresses looks good on few people and i think you are one of those few :D

  3. Mii: gikk med flate sorte finsko med diamanter på. Går som oftest med flate når jeg er med kjæresten for ellers ser jeg ut som en gigant ved siden av ham >_> jeg er nokså høy fra før av at det hjelper lite xD

    Tusen takk<3 :3

    Maria May: wow thanks >_< I love this red dress, it's actually my favourite dress:3 and it costed like 100kr which is really CHEAP lol