more than a present

So I wanted to show some outfits to you!
Been a bit cold and not so sunny these two-three days but it's all good:)
It only makes me extra happy when I see sun and warmth!

I curled my hair in a very long time with extensions on, and I really like it. It's so much more gyarufied, but the sad thing is the hair doesn't look so full since I haver thin hair irl :(((

And I got my package from . I ordered two pair of lenses and a pair of diamond lashes. I was going to order a pair of lower lashes as well but I couldn't order them:S

Geo Blue Wing and Candy Pink. I wanted some un-natural contacts and a bit more natural.

I only tried the Blue Wing's. And honestly I wish they were more blue. Since I have dark eyecolor the blue doesn't shine too much which wasn't really what I wanted:/
When it comes to comfort I think they are great. I already have a pair of Geo Honey Wing and I love them:)

Now bikini time. I'm not a girl that likes bikini bottoms since my ass is huge but lately I really wanted a new bikini so why not buy a set:) If I'm not going swimming I might as wel tan on my terrace xD

I found this perfect bikinin that didn't make me look like a fucking elephant.

the real color is the one in above picture, but I kind of wish it was more brown-ish,but it's still pretty:)

-Picture removed-

-Picture removed-
I was very fortunate with these pics, I don't look that thin irl...I promise lol xD
Anyways I was broke so I saved up 300kr in two days *cough*parentsborrowedmethemoney*cough* and was determined to buy that one.(btw wasn't too sure if I would put out bikini pics of me but I have watermarked them so...:/)

But yesterday I went out to try new ones and ended up buying(with a little help from my bf) a white one instead.

I'm also thinking about buying this one as well:

What do you think? yes or no?



  1. GIRL, if I had your body I'd walk around in a bikini all day!! XD Haha but seriously, great choices. I would say yes on the last one! :D

    Btw, you look great with both long and short hair. Wish I could pull off both~

  2. Jeg likte den første antrekket skikkelig godt :D Classy lady~~~~

    Også likte jeg den lilla bikinien best på deg.. fargen var skikkelig flatterende :D <3

  3. serr dude hadde drept for kroppen din den er helt perfekt! Work it lissm :)

  4. Dolly: aww thanks<3 but honestly the pictures don`t show my body how it really looks xD I was thinking about buying the last one, and it`s not that expensive either^^

    I basically look boy-ish when I have short hair. I am soooo happy I can wear my extensions lawl

    Acid: tusen takk søta<3 ja jeg var litt usikker men jeg endte opp med å kjøpe den hvite da:/

    Anon: tusen takk >///< men kroppen min er virkelig helt blah xD ikke pen å se på,trust me xDD