oh behave

Sorry guys I didn't update in a while. I've been really REALLY busy with my bachelor assignment and studying for exam. And when I wasn't studying I was being with my friends and bf in the sun(rarely is it this warm in April-May in Norway). So I used my spare time for being out and enjoying the days while I can.

First for the lols

No I'm not bothered by this secret at all. I know I can't have everyone like me, but you know what, I don't care. If people think I look old or ugly or w/e, they can think that. Because let's face it,I'm not the best looking person out there without that make-up on me xD I'm not a person that gets hurt by mean comments coming from people that aren't close to me. If it was a friend or family who said it I'm probably sure I would be really hurt, but it's not so...no caring here.

Second: outfits and hair and stuff. Honeslty I don't want to write much since I've been writing for like a week without any break, so this will be more pics and less text.

Why don't we start with some obvious camwhoring that makes you think I love myself like Oprah loves those cakes.

Oh yeah, that tongue must be out there. Let's just hope nobody draws a penis on it;D Apparently that's the new thing at gyaru_secrets.

Camwhoring is more serious business than fun yo...>_>

laters y'all.



  1. Tbh, I don't think you look old or wtf at all, dunno why people have such different eyes... you look absolutely stunning in my eyes. AND I LOVE THESE OUTFITS


  2. Gyaru secrets can suck a nut, seriously.

    Ppl have some fucked up minds or something. Its either they are "jealous of you" oh, BUT NO, If you tell them that anon gets all INSECURE and say OHNONONO I'm not jealous I just think shes UGLY or I CAN HAVE AN OPINION. Idiots I swear

    Truthfully, I've always loved the way you look! You don't look like the typical girl. You hot bby!

  3. Frida: lol actually I think I look older than what I am xD but thanks bby<3 it means a lot:'3

    Lana: lol well I don't really care what people on the internet say about me as long as people who are close to me don't hurt me:/

    Awww ;__; I'm touched<3

  4. There are people that I've looked at that I could give a LOT more reason to stick in a post like that and you're definitely not one of them.

    Also wtf I think you look younger than me so I'd hate to see what they said about me if I ever ended up in there. :<

    You look gorgeous with those exte especially, girl! <333

  5. hehe well I do agree I look older than I look but I dunno...can't have everyone liking me xD

    You're too nice >//< thank you so much!