Been only listening to TOKIO since I rediscovered sorafune. Man I remember I used to LOVE My Boss My Hero,still do though:D

Anyways showing a boring outfit, same as any other day only change of shoes and sort of hairstyle *cough*

I really REALLY wanted to wear my hair like this. But f my long-horse-ass-face is a mess so I can't pull it off ;_;

Ended up like that above >_> I'm really wondering why my parents didn't disown my ass when I was born. Who on earth wants to keep an ugly child lol?

Blah blah blah got new stuff for spring(rather summer since we fucking have no spring now GRRR)

Earrings and a ring for 40kr at outlet!

bangles for only 10kr at H&M:O bargain!

Love these shorts. So girly,so retro,so in love with it!

I never had a shorts that was this short and tight around the thighs(I hate my thighs so I try to cover them up as much as possible) but this one is actually pretty nice. Not only is it not too tight, it's also short enough for me to actually be able to wear it without looking like a walrus:D




  1. If you feel that your parents should've disowned you for being ugly, I should've been aborted before I even was born xD
    Love the hairstyle tho, and those shorts looked great on you!

  2. Lol dust xD du er langt ifra shtøgg!

    thanks<3 They seem to be my favourite right now :'D

  3. Oh shush girl, you look gewd :)

  4. You're too hard on yourself miss! You're goregeous as always! <3 I love your new stuff, and especially your polkadotted shorts! <3

  5. Mint: I think I'm actually pretty ugly, just the make-up and photo angles make me less ugly xD

    Kake: I think I'm really too nice on myself haha but oh well, thank god for make-up I guess:P and thans. I really love the new stuff myself:3

  6. aww that romper (i think thats what theyre called) look sooo cute on youu, where did you get it? :)

  7. i just fell in love with those polka dot shorts ! *-*

  8. Sandy: thank you^^ yeah I think they're called romper too. I got them at h&m. h&m has got a lot of cool stuff this spring/summer^^ especially like their gold accessories.

    pilvi: hehe me too:3