there's a storm in my head

The title says it all.
I might tell you guys what it's about, but for now I just want someone to say to me "it's going to be okey" without asking for the reason.

Oh well. I'll give you some pictures so you don't go crazy on me for bringing you down to my level heh *attempt at non-fake-smile*

I went to a second interview with the same store and the boss didn't like my clothes, later I got comments from friends and family saying I was maybe a bit too "exposed". So wearing a fucking skirt and thigh-high boots where you can only see like 5cm of my thighs is fucking EXPOSED? what? am I too fucking sexy for that store? apparently I am if you ask my bf...(not that I mind being sexy:P)

Seriously? I don't think the boss of that store ever liked me. I mean she commented on my accent? Yeah I know I'm not norwegian, I fucking get it, I wrote it down on my application, I even pointed it out several times, so why is there such a need to comment on my accent and vocabulary skills? If I can do my job right and good I don't see why my accent should interfere with my WORKING skills?!

I guess Norway isn't ready for skirts,thigh-high boots and a little skin?

Tuesday's outfit.

Today's outfit.
(I bet she would've loved this outfit...)

Feel like I'm in a muslim country for crying out loud(not dissin' islam but Norway is suppose to be this liberal country yet it sometimes feels like we're still in the 18th century).

Curled my this I guess. The picture says more than 1000 words.
I look like crap though. But I don't think it's weird considering I've been crying all day yesterday.

whatevs...going to sleep now.



  1. Alt kommer til å gå fint kjære du <3
    De som ikke vil ansette deg fordi du er for sexy er dumme.. sex selger jo ;D
    Du ser bra ut! :)

  2. Herp derp, if they won't have you it's their loss... And I agree, sex sells xD she should love you! But she's just stupid, I don't think you're too exposed, I think you look hot hun <3

    And, you know... no matter what reason, EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY! <3 Just wait and see love <3

  3. Japan is so much like that when it comes to office-wear so I completely know how you feel. Thankfully my company is more lax on clothes/make and such but I had to go to a seminar where they basically told me I didn't care about our customers because I wore color. JFC, really. >:/

    On the contrary I think you look really cute in that last cord! <3

  4. Acid: hehe sex SKAL selge men ikke akkurat på accessorize visst:P og takk<3

    Kake: aww thank you<3 but I think being sexy at accessorize isn't a good thing apparently:/ oh wells...

    miss waaave: lol what seriously? because you were wearing COLORS? xD oh man I hope it's not like that everywhere:S

    thank you^//^ I should've gone with that outfit to the interview lol