Oslo in my haaato trollol

Lying in bed with pains. I was ready to go to school when I decided to stay at home...gonna do some school assigments and later gonna make fries and watch a movie:)

Actually I was suppose to blog about my new stuff I got, but I never finished the entry. Now I got more new stuff but since I'm too lazy to take pictures now I'm just going to blog about the weekend in Oslo for CoutureGals gyaru meet-up~


My outfit for the day 1 with the hot Ronja;D

lol the pose was meant as a joke!

Devious minus Ronja(taking the pic) and Christine.

Oda, Ronja, Emilie and Frida.

Oda, me and Ronja.

Frida and Christine.

Me and Ronja(again lol)

Emilie and moi.

With Miriam. I love her style!

Lunch that same day:)

This burger was f-ing delicious!!! It was only 100kr or something I think? but so god damn good, I'm drooling right now just thinking about it xD

It was a party later that night but I didn't take many pictures, took this one of the guys:
I think it turned out really cool with the blue lights:)


Outfit for the day.

First we had lunch at Egon. This was my first time eating there because I always thought it was a bit pricey at Egon compared to other restaurants. Anyways I got their club sandwich and it was okey...could've used more spices in the sandwich but I took care of that xD

Maria, Ingvild and Monica.

Almost the whole group:)

Rakel and Juliette(?)

Me and Rebecca.

Rakel. I really liked her outfit that day but most of all, her hair;)

Hege, Lena and Rakel.

Frida and me. Lol a lot of derp pictures of us two but I won't post them xDD

coca cola commercial FTW!

Haha Maria and I were actually saying "AGEPOYO!!" here. Derpaherp pic of me but yeah it was tons of fun. I really liked Maria, she was nothing like I expected her to be. She was much much cooler and really funny!

Manliest men to walk this earth ya know.

Devious shoes. lawl

Have more pictures but I'll keep those for myself:P
Pics are in property of Ronja, Miriam and me!



  1. May I use the picture of the guys (the blue light) in my blog?
    I will ofc. give you credits for it and give you a link.

  2. Awweh, I really love your outfits, and it looked like a really nice meeting in Oslo :D <3

  3. Davy: sure you can:)

    Kake: yeah it was one of the best^^

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    I'm your follower, take a look at my blog www.welovefur.blogspot.com

    With love

    Little Sable