Outfit update

As I seem to be on a roll with posting here(I probably won't post for a long time again,typical me) I thought I might as well post some outfit shots~

Been so so so inspired by the retro-girly style lately that I wanted to try it out for myself. I think it's okey but definitely needs work. I have lots of skirts and stuff but can't really wear it when it's freezing,raining and the wind will wipe you off your feet outside:/

On a different note...
I started to use my old extensions again. Remember when I had shorter hair I couldn't wear them since they looked like rat tails? http://dokiri.blogspot.com/2009/07/cream-pie.html
Well my hair has grown since then and I just thought I might see if I can use them again and damn the hair color matches perfectly, not really intended. Though I'm only using them until I get new ones I ordered from here.

But looks good in a ponytail so I wear them quite often now:)

I feel so girly with long hair! Kind of a nice feeling having it this length again.



  1. Aweh, you look so cute! And I really love your outfits. I wish I could go with a style just for once. You're really great at setting togheter clothes! <3

  2. you have a style,imo at least!

    thanks but I'm really not that good at it >__< <3