day before yesterday

So I heard from Ida that some stores had started selling starbucks coffee.
I myself have never been to starbucks(even though back in 2007 I wanted to go when I was in Paris but never did:/) so I went to Deli de Luca,because I know they tend to sell stuff that other stores don't sell and I happen to find starbucks coffee there:D I'm a huuuuuuuuge fan of mocca so I was like "what the hell I'll try their mocca latte" and damn it's good *O* it tasted like swiss chocolate!

As for the outfit. I went casual, sort of, with black wedges. And my new jacket+jeans+top!
I'm really in love with brown this season. Made me realize how badly I want some Liz Lisa clothes...
My next paycheck will go straight to new lenses,clothes ordered from Japan, and extensions!




  1. Starbucks in Norway? Oh GAWD, gotta get one of those. I went to Starbucks in England, it was really fantastic.

    And great outfits! I loved your brown jacket. <3

  2. Kake: yeah,it tastes really,especially mocca:3 I got a sweet tooth so for me they are like perfect combinaton of coffee and chocolate!

    thanks doll<3

    Ida: awww taaaakk~;_;<3

  3. I'm waiting for Starbucks opening here in Gdańsk, Poland <3 I love coffee and I drunk Starbuck coffee only once, it's delicious!! XD