I sit by myself

Updates have been rather fun lately:'D this is actually the only time I can remember where I have updated more than once a week(or month xD).
Bought new stuff. The hairband was actually on sale!! January sale how I love you.

Now on to some outfits^___^

lol have no idea what the hell is up with my foot there...



Changed the hairband. The other one kept falling off even if I pinned it down.

I realized I've been more excited with dressing up. Whenever I want inspiration I turn to tumblr and check out gyaru updates:)
And besides, the snow melted like a few weeks ago, and spring is coming, I can sense it!



  1. I need to check tumblr more often, I have no inspiration lately! T_T

    I looooove your red coat!!! <3

  2. Aweh, really cute hairbands! And I loved your last outfit. ♥ You always look so beautiful, how do you do it? O__o

  3. Acid: tusen takk :3<3

    Dolly: hehe I didn't have any inspiration lately either, but then I felt that spring is coming and I also looked through tumblr and my gyaru files on my computer and got my inspirtation back:D

    and thank you^__^. Though the buttons are falling off, stupid H&M quality ;_;

    Kake: thanks cutie<33 dust I'm not beautiful >_< but sometimes photoshop is my best friend lol nah I kid...sort of xD (admit it,we all use it;D)

  4. I really like your outfits!
    Those are cool <3
    and those hairbands are CUTE!!!

  5. Stupid, of course you are! You're so pretty and beautiful! <3

  6. Meri and Anni: thank you:3 I really like my hirbands as well^^

    Kake: but I'm really not ;_;

  7. Lovely outfits! ribbons are so cute!

  8. thank you so much^//^ I finally got to post more gal related outfit pictures so I'm happy people like it:3