Kind of lazy week

Having a cold(and haven't started school yet) means you would rather sleep until late, than get up early to get dolled up....just to end up not doing anything other than sit home and watch television and/or be on the computer.

But for some days I managed to get myself out of the house. Which is actually one of my resolutions. Being at home,in my room, makes me all depressed so I decided to go out as often as I can! Hopefully my life will be an experience or two richer and I will be happy again.

Anyways I only have like two outfits since all the other pictures are on my cell phone,and the bitch STILL won't transfer my pics onto the pc....

later changed into shorts since I can sit then however I want:P

I was actually going to my bf's. We had a "date". Made sushi together(which was shitloads,ended up eating less than half of it xD) and later went to the movies. Not too casual with the top...I dunno, I wanted to be cute and all which I think I kind of failed since I'm not cute. But you know,trying and failing makes you a better learner I guess lol

f-ing rad ring no?:D

Yeah that's it I guess.
But omfg I hate that I can't seem to put an interesting outfit together. Seriously my inspiration level is like 100% but my closet is failing so hard. I mostly have spring/summer clothes. Wish for the winter to go away. It's been raining and then snowing,raining and then snowing some more. It ends up being all slippery and cold outside so I can't even wear my cute shoes and clothes=(

Spring will hopefully come soon!



  1. Looking beautiful as always love. I hope you'll get better soon and everything. Good luck at school <3 I'm thinking of coming to Bergen in February, I hope I'll see you then. <3