Awesomeness of the week

So I've been shopping a bit for shoes. Was trying to find the perfect high heeled shoes I can walk on. When I stumbled upon these:Seriously the best fucking shoes I have. They are comfortable AND god damn hot! They cost me like 500kr which is a bit since I only have 2500kr left, 1500 for school+school books and 1000kr for ticket to Oslo for GYARU ME2! So not the best time to buy shoes but I had to have them *drool*

Then yesterday I came home and mom bought me these shoes. Like what? they are so cute and I've been really into brown and beige lately so these shoes are like perfect for spring^^

Also needed new purses and bags:)

This kind of made me cry.
I payed 900kr for this Guess bag. I mean yeah I love but a bit too much for a bag, though it was on sale from 1800kr O_O

now onto the outfits...

Yesterday's outfit:

wore my new shoes.

Today's outfit:

been better with updating on outfits. And finally started cordinating well again,especially with jeans. Those new shoes make my legs look skinny so problem solved xD
All I need now is a new camera since mine is an asshole. If I shake even a bit it takes crappy picture. GAWD why can't I have ONE decent camera around....



  1. I love the black shoes you've bought! They're super cute!! >w<!
    I know, Guess bags can be very expensive, but that doesn't stop me from buying them (if they're on sale, XD) lolol ! ~

  2. Thank you:D I love them myself!

    Lol I NEVER buy expensive bags when not on sale. My mom likes Guess so she said I should go for it and buy it,and I did:)