favourite outfit pics from popteen,ranzuki and egg

Happy New Year!
I hope you guys have had a fun year so far! For me New Years Eve was the most fun night I've had in a long long time. Which is quite sad really.

But on the down side....
I'm lying here in my bed,sick.
My chest hurts,my cough is ridiculously painful and I'm shaking from the fever. This must be the worst week. While I'm doing nothing than being a lazy girl I wanted to post some of the outfits I really liked in popteen,ranzuki and egg(forgot to add ageha's top outfits).

Ranzuki January 2011
I especially love the far left and second left outfits. It's so girly and cute!

Popteen December 2010

Mizukitty is so darn cute,everything she wears suits her. But I got to say that from this issue I basically liked only four outfits that I'd love to wear myself. Think #1 favourite from here is the one with the red boots(second from the left). It's so casual yet so gorgeous with the boots and the bag matching! I always had a thing for red boots:)

Egg January 2011

Well it's no secret that Egg is my favourite magazine. Though I have been sort of disappointed with their 4 or 5 magazines during fall(so boring -.-''),but I can see they've gotten better for winter. Street snaps are always a fun look-to-find-inspiration,especially in this issue. I've seen lots of outfits I wouldn't mind having myself. Like the one with the leopard coat and those hot boots. What made me like this outfit was mostly her hair. It goes so well with the rest of the outfit.

I've found inspiration again to make a better gyaru. I'm also trying to curl my stupid grey wig and wear it more often. And I also need new circle lenses. Thinking about getting blue and pink ones:D

Can't wait to get better so I can dress up again.Only wish the weather wasn't this shitty!



  1. Really nice outifits! *w*
    I like those all clothes what they wear <3