I am addicted to online shopping...

Oh man I haven't updated in a long long time. I feel really bad but I had 5 exams so hope you guys understand that:/ Anyways wanted to post this before christmas:)
Bought new stuff from Mary Rose/DreamV!

I went a little overboard with these shorts. Bought 5 pairs xD lol but they cost like 1580 yen for each which is around 100kr...which is,CHEAP.
Bought: Pink with ribbons, black with flowers, navy blue with polka dots, off-white (kind of regret buying this one since I have a similar one from before), and black with stars(my favourite one).

Also bought this bag in dark brown, it is super cute and was around 3980yen:)

Got new socks ehehe just had to show them off because they are so cute!

Some outfits that I managed to snap pics of:

You have no idea how much I missed wearing my poncho. I got so many nice compliments for it^^ And I get to proudly say it was a x-mas gift from my bf!

Got a new half-wig. The only thing it's not REALLY matching my hair color so I will dye my hair after christmas:)

My real hair:

I'm surprised how long my natural hair is. Though I should really cut those split ends. On the other hand I'm scared to do that because it will become shorter, and my hair grows really slow:(

Well that's it for now. 
I hope you guys have a wonderful christmas and eat lots of good food!