Happy belated Halloween!

First things first, I am hooked on this song. Which is really annoying because the song isn't even that GOOD.
But the darn thing is so catchy I just can't even...

As some of you know, I turned 22, on October 23rd. I am officially an obaachan:(( Anyways Saturday before my bday, I celebrated the day with friends with a small party. I didn't expect any gifts since I said as long as they show up it's present enough for me. But I got so many gifts, I was really touched T///T (sorry I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures).

On 23rd I was finished at school and my bf said I should come over to his place. Honestly I didn't expect anything big or fancy(getting old I guess?) but he really surprised me:3 
When I showed up he was all nicely dressed and took me to his bedroom(lol don't think those dirty thoughts, nothing nasty happened!) and on the table I saw red roses,which are my fav flowers, candles shaped into a heard, my present, and a cute pic of a cat holding a cake lol.
I got tickets to a movie, dinner at our favourite place, scarf (which I have been DYING to get) and a small card which i won't tell what it said:'3 

Then we went to eat at the vietnamese restaurant, and later we went to see Loopers. Awesome movie, I really recommend it. He really made an effort to make the day be all about me. I'm a lucky girl:3

This birthday was perfect. I really couldn't ask for anything more!


Moving to Halloween. Uhm I wasn't really original with my costume as I went as Alice in Wonderland with a zipper on my face xD in advance, sorry for crappy pics.

The outfit:

And the make-up:

The make-up didn't really turn out like I wanted to, but people got freaked out so I'm somewhat happy:')))


I tried gyaru make-up again. Seriously MY CREYS. My eyes were hurting from all the make-up,l ashes, and lenses. Also my gyaru make-up techniques are really rusty. I'm thinking about going back to gyaru, but maybe not so heavy as before...

Da meikuuuu:

And finally some random outfits:
had to sow in my Mary Rose coat. 
Maybe next time I order a large instead of LL.

Well that's it for this time. 
Hope to blog again pretty soon, so please don't give up on me^^




  1. Kult halloween kostyme! Likte det glidelås øyet!

    Kjempefin naturlig gyaru sminke. Sånt liker vi:) Er sånn jeg liker å gjøre det men blir ofte litt mer enn det jeg planlegger:P

    Og mange flotte antrekk som vanlig!:)

  2. Maria: tusen takk søta:3

    ah haha vel var ikke naturlig gyaru sminke det der, mer heavy. jeg vil prøve meg på naturlig gyaru sminke snart:3

    1. tenkte på det bildet med bare øyet ditt ; )

      Hehe ja halloween sminken er jo ikke akkurat så veldig naturlig:P

  3. ooh I love your alice costume! *u* and the make up too!

    I think the gyaru make up also really suits you ^^

    and we have the same grey cardigan from yumetenbo! (with the bows) haha

  4. Maria: det er samme sminken som jeg har på bildet over:P synes det er for heavy for meg. er så vant til mest mulig naturlig sminke:/

    Jojo: Aww thank you:3

    Really? I think it makes me look older than I actually am >_<

    Hehe yeah I noticed xD it's been lying in the closet for a month or so now, so i thought i should at least wear it once:P