Yesstyle purchases

Cute dotted playsuit from Tokyo Fashion. I got it in pink.

Another dotted playsuit from Tokyo Fashion. Also in pink:)

I am obsessed with playsuits. They are comfy and cute, so I thought I need more of these for the summer^^

Short shorts with trim lace also from Tokyo Fashion.
I can have under skirts so when it's windy outside I don't have to worry showing my underwear! Got it in off-white color.

Chifon culottes in red from Tokyo Fashion.
Those of you who know me know I LOVE these kind of shorts! Especially for summer it will be super cute with a frilly top and cute socks^^

Lace culottes in beige from Tokyo Fashion.

Cute flats with beads and bow in color oatmeal from Nongli.

I think I made a mistake and ordered size EUR39,which is chinese size 40. I heard you should go up a EUR size so I should've probably ordered in size EUR40...O__O but I measured my foot and it is 25cm which IS a size EUR39 and chinese 40. I guess I can sell them if they don't fit:/

Lol I just noticed I ordered almost only from Tokyo Fashion. Honestly I didn't intend to,I just ordered what I thought looked cute. Also I was a bit worried ordering from yesstyle because of some bad reviews...but I also saw some good reviews so it was mixed, but I heard it takes forever to get the items. And the quality isn't the best. Not that I expect it to be since the things I got were on sale. But still,compared to the original prices Ithink they are a bit expensive if the quality is bad.

Oh well,all I can do now is wait to get my items.
Will show you guys once I get them:3




  1. Woah! I love your new stuff! I really want to order clothes from Yesstyle, they've got soooo many cute things!

  2. I've ordered from YesStyle a couple times and I've always had a good experience!
    Their quality is like 1000 times better than Yumetenbo (which isn't hard) and they're super cute!
    The items you bought look adorable!

  3. Kake: I still haven't gotten them...some are waiting to be stocked so god knows how long I have to wait >< I think you should do it! It's easier for you since you fit into their clothes,I have to measure myself before ordering lol

    l0ckheart: Ah well that's good...hopefully I will be happily surprised^^ really? I really thought yumetenbo had good quality clothes:O