This is embarrassing

Omg it's been OVER A MONTH since I blogged=S
I'm so sorry but I seriously didn't have anything to blog about. My life has been really depressed lately. Personal problems, school; trying to go to lectures and study in time so I won't end up f-ing my self up before the exams which are in may.And I've been working a lot as well.

As for working out...I kind of have that scratched out from my list currently because of some back issues I've been having these two-three months. My doctor said I shouldn't work out for now:( I even had to take some days off work and school because it was so bad. Luckly I'll be going to a physiotherapist next week and MR scans of my back next month. I'm in my twenties and already I have back problems *sigh* hopefully things will be better because I really REALLY have the need to go training!

But for now I'll just give you some crappy outfit shots,camwhoring shots and random pics that are seriously random as hell...

Uhm just to be clear I don't ACTUALLY wear that sweater 24/7, I do wash it and use it when I can because it's the most comfortable sweater I have for work and on lazy days. Yes, lazy hag I've become!

I'm kind of embarrassed of people I know in real life who are reading my blog. They probably think I am THIS HUGE-ASS SELF ABSORBED, SELF LOVING, SHE THINKS SHE IS ALL THAT CAMWHORE, which in reality I'm not like that. I am only camwhore online lol because let's face it,even the ugliest people can become pretty with a touch of photoshop:D so now you know why I am so freaking kawaii on my blog (if you think so,if not then you're spot on) !!!!

Random pics...because I don't have anything else to post.

New shoes from the store I work at. They are by Vagabond and are called milkshake! Can't wait to use them properly in the spring. Casual, yet cute:)

Awesome shoes we got in our store as well!

One day I decided to do some cute fake nails. I haven't finished them(lazy ass and lots of work) but will show pics once they're done...

work in progress...(while watching Big Bang's Blue)

For Valentine's Day:
Got these beautiful roses from my bf(picture is way too dark I know,but we only had candles lighting up the room xD). He was so sweet to me. Took me out and made an effort to make the day romantic and fun for me<3

While I tried to surprise him with some sweets^^ Special cupcake for Valentines. He really liked it:3

And that wraps up my most boring entry ever.
Until next boring entry <3



  1. Nice flowers you got for Valentines day and I love your outfits, and your blue glasses! :D <3

  2. I loved the roses,my favourite flower^^
    Thank you sweetie<3