Who's going to celebrate Halloween this year? And are you going to a party or just staying in with popcorn and scary movies?:)

This year, like the rest of them, I'm going to a party. I was a pirate last year and year before that a witch. How...original. This year; it's nothing new that my originality still blows.

Can you guess what I'm gonna go as?;D here's some clues.

Tomorrow,or the day after tomorrow, I'll post pics of my outfit! And I hope others do too because I want to see what people have dressed up as!



  1. I'm gonna be at a small convention in Stavanger - Metro-con :D I'm looking forward to it. I'm gonna be Noodle again from Gorillaz but in "On Melancholy Hill" outfit~ And after that there will be a party at a friends house. ^^ I hope you'll have a amazing time~ <3

  2. Hei, hør, jeg er ganske ny på dette blogosphere og Internett ting, så jeg vet ikke om det er en slags "abonnement" metoden som jeg kan bruke for å motta varslinger på din nye oppføringer ...? Thing er at jeg liker å lese bloggen din mye, og jeg ønsker å være oppdatert med dine innlegg!