Dancing stars


I look so wasted...hangover from Saturday perhaps?
Anyways new "bear pussy"(what we call it in norwegian, "bjørnefitte" lol) hat I got from my mom for my b-day. I will show you more stuff in later post.

not gyaru make-up, I realize that. But these days I really REALLY don't feel like dressing up or anything. Been feeling pretty shitty again. So yeah,natural make-up I guess.

I look so pretty it hurts.

Having dress-like-a-boy-days lately as well. Or more like dress-like-a-sloppy-hobo-boy-days?
Either way,I kind of like it. Not my normal wear but it's nice to feel comfortabel sometimes too,no? btw that jacket is also a gift from my mom:)



  1. I really like your style in the last pic, comfy but stylish! And I love your jacket, where did your mother buy it?

    Winter is coming, so I think it's ok to feel like shit some days and want to do natural make-up and wear comfy clothes, I mean, it's freezing outside!! ^^

  2. thank you:) Got at a store called Ichi.

    Oh but that's not the reason I've been feeling shitty again. It's because of my depression actually.

    It's raining here lately, so it's not really that cold but the thing is I have exams coming up next month so basically I haven't had time to do much gyaru make-up.

  3. You know, that necklace really looks good on you Anja-chan! :D And aslo, I love your new hat. Looks so warm and nice. ^__^ And I have to agree with the previous comment, the style on the last pic looks really nice and comfy <3

  4. Hehe I've been wearing it waaaaay too often. But I got new necklaces from friends so I'll be wearing them for a while now:)

    thaaanks cutie<3