I lied

Here I thought I wouldn't have time to blog before my exams but apparently I lied. I need a break from reading over 50 articles...

We had such nice sunny and warm weather lately,it gets me in such a good mood! But now it's raining again >_<

I have some rather boring outfit pictures. Sorry but I've been in no mood to dress especially nice when I'm waking up 6am and have to be at the school library, all day, studying. Notice how I'm wearing the same shorts in almost all the pictures. But trust me I don't wear it every day xD it's just a coincidence.

Oh and I got my wigs^^ But I'm not really happy with the other one so I will just post this one:

Honestly I should've chosen a lighter color. Even though my natural hair color is actually darker than this wig. But dark hair makes me look pale and sick so no wonder I have light stripes in my hair:P

I have ordered some stuff from ebay and shoppingholics that I will show you in my next post,when I get my stuff:)




  1. your outfits are so nice! esp the one with the trench coat. nice wigs, too, just dye it the color you want ^_^

  2. Thank you very much:3

    I dunno,it's a bit too dark so I might have to bleach it first?