before the dawn

I forgot to blog and to say happy new year to you all! Hope 2012 has been good to you so far. I, on the other hand, have the same feeling with 2012 as with 2011. Nothing's changed really. Well my style, sort of. I've been leaning towards the korean fashion lately,especially ulzzang. But ofc I can't be ulzzang since I'm not korean:P so I just take inspo from there.

Also another thing, I've been cooking more and more. Last week my parents left on holiday so I was alone for a week and I took the uppertunity to cook yummy food for myself.

Thai wok with prawns,coconut milk and rice.

I also made hoddeok(Korean pancakes).

And ofc home-made kimchi.

Breakfast with prawns,kimchi and rice.

Uhhhh yeah I should move on so this doesn't turn into a cooking blog:') Got to show you stuff I bought lately.

I also got some stuff from my parents when they were on vacation,but I will post it in the next entry^^

Now onto outfits. Honestly I haven't been dressing interesting or w/e for a while but that's because I'm trying to dress more casually(but cool at the same time?) and trying to find my own style in the casualty...if you know what I mean.

And some random camwhoring....

Uhm not a lot of pics.I have been having a low self-esteeme lately and don't feel pretty tbh. I have considered taking a nose surgery for a long time now. I just need to save up money because I really hate my nose. I have had issues with it since I was 12 and was picked on and people called me a witch and other disgusting stuff. And as I got older I hated it more and more. I want to have a smaller nose. And honestly looking at ulzzang pictures makes me feel worse >_> don't know why I keep doing that to myself. Why I sometimes wish I was a tiny,cute korean girl. lol?



  1. du må slutte å se på bilder av Ulzzang-jenter hvis blir deprimert av det, jeg slutta å kikke i gyaru-blader en stund fordi jeg fikk så dårlig selvtillit : O take a break! og du er kjempenydelig så ikke noe depp depp, elsker sminken og håret ditt for tiden! Moar camwhoring plz

  2. So yummy food pictures! ♥
    And I honestly don't think that you ever need a nose surgery. ._. I hope you'll feel better soon!

  3. great stuff *_* and awesome cooking skills~~ now I'm hungry!

  4. XL: Men jeg klarer ikke å slutte.De er liksom SÅ freakings pene at jeg kan ikke slutte xD tusen takk ;__; jeg har så dårlig selvtillit for tiden som sagt at jeg blir rørt av ordene dine. ÅH XL DU SIER DE FINESTE ORDENE TIL MEG!

    lovepirate: hehe easy food though:P Aww thank you but you know everybody's got that ONE thing they always wanted to change about themselves.

    Jenny: hehe awesome? meh not really.quite easy once you've tried but thank you^^

  5. I just want to say that I LOVE high noses and think yours is amazing! I think you look so beautiful and don't need surgery at all! :)
    But, I understand not liking some things about yourself.
    Just wanted to let you know!

  6. thank you for saying thosesweet words ;__; but it's just that my nose isway too big. Sometimes I even ps it because it can be fugly on the pictures. I want a smaller nose.especially the tip of my nose shorter.

  7. That food looks delicious! And.. how on earth do you make Kimchi? I've been trying to make it ever since I tasted it xD hahaha~

    And your new clothes looks fantastic, and you look great as always love. And I must say that I really love your face, all of it. If I only could be as pretty as you T__T <3

  8. Hehe it's actually quite easy to make kimchi^^ I cheated once can buy kimchi paste and all you need is to salt the china cabbage for 1 1/2 hour,add some carrots,springonions and mix it all together. Put it in a box and in the fridge and you can have it for a couple of days. I personally like fresh kimchi:)

    awww Kake ;_;<3 I think you are sooooo soooo pretty,you have such a cute face!!