Christmas gifts

Merry x-mas once again^^
I hope you had a lovely christmas eve and keep on having a fun holiday! I myself am starting work again on tuesday,which s fine since I'm sooo bored at home xD I'm used to doing stuff like going to school,working,being with friends, that once I am home all day I get bored easily.

But now I'm going to show you some of the gifts I got from my family and friends!

Our biiiig christmas tree. I got to decorate it all by myself this year!

Gifts for my family and the gift on far right(red) is from my man to me.

Omg I would've never guessed I was going to get that from him:DD
For the people who don't know me I am a HUUUUUGE eagle lover!! (along with wolves/wolf dogs). But the most amazing part is that he adopted an eagle for me because they are endangered! I was so happy that I got tears in my eyes >__< He is so thoughtful<3

A really girly and cute watch from my dad as well as a gift card!

UGG boots from my mom and I also got money from her^^

Hair straightener from my brother.Which is very nice since I actually broke my other one:D

A very pretty snow angel from a very good friend of mine! I wanted one since I was little:3

Hello Kitty necklace from another friend! It's so sparkly ><

My mom got this make-up kit from my dad but she doesn't use make-up much so she gave it to me. So far the quality isn't that bad, after all I'm a MAC girl and used to good quality make-up. But I will test it out very soon.

So that's it! I am soooo grateful for all the presents I got! Hope you got what you wished for:)



  1. så mye fint og søtt du fikk! =)

  2. Eva: tusen takk:3 er kjempeglad for gavene! Håper du fikk mye fint også og at du storkoser deg i juleferien^^

    rivriv: thank you I love them too >< <3