I'd love to show you my outfit for halloween, but I didn't take pics that day because I was in a hurry for the party. As for the other pictures taken of me at the party,they kind of suck so I won't post them. If you have me on facebook then I guess you've already seen them.
Wanted to show my make-up and hair from that day though. oh btw I was a fairy,original no?;D

with a small tiara:)
(same fake smile lol)

Small picspam of outfits.

And omg I found this ohsoamazinglygorgeous cardigan at h&m with fur(fake ofc) around the hood. OMG wanted it but cost like 500kr,waaaaay too expensive for a cardigan/sweater.

so.freaking.soooft *_*

sup with my right hand on every single face shot?!



  1. Omg! Antrekket med den hvite t-skjorten var bare elsk! <3

    Og jeg vil ha dine skoooo! ;___;

  2. AHHHH I love your first outfit, looks like a hot schoolgirl <3

  3. Digger det andre antrekket! Enkelt, men veldig kult :) Åsså erru så pen da! :D

  4. Awweh, I loved the one with the shorts. <3 You look so beautiful as always hun~ I love your earrings too <3 :D

  5. Rakel: tusen takk:3 hehe mineeeee ><

    Dolly: aww thank you, I was sort of going for school girl inspired with a bit rock in it xD

    Christine: tusen hjertelig! Neeeey fuuu DU er pen!<3

    Kake: kake da T_T<3 din søte tulling hehe